mardi 15 mai 2012

Relais Enfants Parents ASBL : un soupçon de bien-être


Bonjour à tous,
En bas notre rapport 2011, je vous invite à le lire pour info et vous glisse déjà un des témoignages. 
Ce type de courrier nous confirme que le peu que nous puissions organiser au sein des prisons (9 pour notre service) apporte un soupçon de bien-être à quelques familles.
Bien à vous et bonne lecture.

Témoignage d’un détenu de St Gilles : décembre 2011.

« Chaque samedi j’ai 1h30’ de liberté avec mes enfants, hors des murs sans l'être »

« A l’équipe du Relais,
Je tenais à vous remercier pour le soutien que vous apportez aux pères incarcérés, j’avoue en ce qui me concerne la visite du Relais Enfants Parents contribue énormément aux bonnes relations avec mes enfants.
Lorsque je suis seul avec mes enfants sans gardien autour de nous, je retrouve quasiment mon statut de père, je peux m’exprimer sans contrainte, je suis vraiment à l’aise avec mes gosses, la discrétion de l’équipe du Relais rend l’ambiance plus agréable, néanmoins, ils sont tous très attentifs quand il y a un problème de communication avec l’un de mes enfants, ils interviennent  avec douceur et perspicacité.
J’ai le sentiment que le Relais me responsabilise envers mes enfants, quelque part, cette visite me rappelle à l’ordre que je ne dois pas oublier mon rôle de père.
Chaque samedi j’ai une heure et demie de liberté avec mes enfants. Les visites classiques pendant la semaine ne permettent pas un contact serein avec mes enfants car la présence des gardiens déclenche systématiquement un état de méfiance qui empêche toute relation tranquille, en raison de la tension qui se dégage entre gardien et détenu. »

Télécharger le rapport d'activité via le site de Relais Enfants Parents 

Agreement signed !

Resounding victory for the hunger strikers

Palestinian Prisoners’ Committee has signed an agreement with the Israeli prisons’ service to end the 28 day prisoners’ hunger strike.

The agreement contains regulations a pledge to fulfil the main commands of prisoners which are:
·         Ending the solitary confinement of all prisoners including Hassan Salama, Ibraheem Hamed and Abdullah al Barghouti.
·         Solving the problem of the administrative imprisonment.
·         Allowing families of the prisoners from Gaza to visit their sons.
·         Stopping the effect of what is known as “Shalit law” which started after the capture of Gilad Shalit.
·         Improving imprisonment conditions and returning life as it was before the escalations.

UFree Network has been informed that all prisoners of solitary confinement are going to be out of solitary within 72 hours.
Different sides have exerted much effort to come out with this exalting solution to the prisoners’ hunger strike which fulfils their demands and ends their affliction.

UFree Network played a big role in publicizing this strike on the European arena. The prominent effort was its petition which was forwarded to the European parliamentarians and government officials.

Despite this resounding victory, UFree Network is still decided to carry on its conference "Dying to live" in solidarity with Palestinian political prisoners and detainees in Belfast, Ireland on 19th May 2012 at 1pm.

UFree Network | Media Centre 

UFree is an independent European-wide human rights network; set up to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners and detainees

lundi 14 mai 2012

7 Life Lessons from Death Row (Online Psychology Degree)

What truly matters in life? What’s the last thing on your mind before you die? When you know the end is near, what would be your last statement to the world?
One of the ways to reduce life down to what really matters is to be on your deathbed. And one of the most dramatic ways to be on your deathbed is to be executed on death row. We’ve been reading through the final statements of hundreds of inmates, and we’ve boiled it down to seven life lessons. Get back to basics; learn something about life from those who were put to death. Seven somethings, to be precise.
  1. You Define Yourself By What You Choose

    When expressing yourself verbally one last time to the cruel, cruel world, it’s completely up to you to craft how best you’ll be remembered. Some people ask for forgiveness, some acknowledge their guilt, and others bid sweet farewells to their loved ones and have nothing but gratitude for the life they’ve lived. Whether in your last moments or just starting out, be who you want, and communicate what you will to the world.
  2. Own It

    Everyone’s been falsely accused at some point. And several inmates had the guts to go to their deaths saying so. Standing up for what you know to be true until the bitter end could be the only thing that you have. The last words of Stephen K. Johns, executed in Missouri in October 2001 were, “I am innocent, but was not given the tools at trial, or on appeal, to make my innocence into a legal reality.” Additionally, when you are guilty of some wrongdoing (and especially if you get caught), it’s in your best interest to face the music. You never know — you might feel some personal absolution even if you’re, ahem, in the hot seat. Illinois inmate Charles Walker’s (executed in 1990) last words were those of acceptance. “I’m guilty. I can accept my punishment. I’m sorry I done it, yeah, but it’s done.”
  3. Be Good

    One of the most primary lessons to learn from death row is simply this: there are consequences for your actions. Acting ethically will rarely, if ever, steer you wrong, and you’re bound to have more positive consequences than these inmates. And whether or not you’re taking the moral high road, it’s always in your best interest not to break the law. “I would suggest that when a person has a thought of doing anything serious against the law,” William George Bonin, a prisoner executed in California in 1996 said in his final statement, “that before they did, that they should go to a quiet place and think about it seriously.”
  4. Forgive

    “Forgiveness: Giving up all hope for a better past.”— Robert Lee Massie, executed in California on March 27, 2001A supremely powerful practice, forgiveness (at any point in one’s life) can be a karma cleanser. And it doesn’t matter who you’re forgiving, either. Whether it’s yourself, someone who gravely wronged you, or even the guy who just cut you off in rush hour traffic, the artful practice of mindfully letting go of past hurts allows one to live in the present, and accept the inevitable future.
  5. Love

    As the ocean always returns to itself, love always returns to itself. So does consciousness, always returns to itself. And I do so with love on my lips. May God bless all mankind.” — James Ronald Meanes, executed in Texas on Dec. 15, 1998And if you don’t buy that his last statement generally translates to “love,” we can all at least agree that speaking like a Hindu mystic will always make one’s last words sound weighty and meaningful. Inmate James Ronald Meanes clearly grasped the ebbs and flows of life, and certainly realized some new-age sounding truths. But the prisoner, executed in 1998, also left this world speaking the plain truth of love: that it begets more love, awareness, and grace.
  6. Puns Are Always Funny

    Thinking too long about the phrase “New York electric chair, 1928″ conjures up scary-yet-cartoonish images of gloomy, Green Mile-style steel cages and lightning bolts to the head. But despite his grisly end, murderer George Appel was able to keep his wits about him. Literally. “Well, gentlemen,” his final words began, “you are about to see a baked Appel.”
  7. Be Happy

    Go home, have fun, smile. I’m happy. Why should I lie now? I have no anger. I have no fear.— Willie Shannon, executed in Texas on Nov. 8, 2006And this, the most important lesson of them all. Texas inmate Willie Shannon put it poignantly, especially knowing that a mere seven minutes later, he would be forever gone. If life sometimes feels like a prison, remember these words and their well-meaning call to action.

jeudi 10 mai 2012

He can die any moment now !

Ramallah, 10 May 2012 – Addameer lawyer Mona Neddaf visited four hunger strikers in Ramleh prison medical clinic today, including Thaer Halahleh, now on his 73rd day of hunger strike.

According to Ms. Neddaf, Thaer’s condition continues to deteriorate. The prison doctor has said to Thaer that he could die at any moment.  Thaer has lost significant weight, and now weighs 55 kg. He has exceedingly low blood pressure and his temperature is fluctuating at dangerous levels. In addition to vomiting blood, Thaer is also bleeding from his gums and lips. The prison doctor also told him that he now has an infection in part of his body. Thaer is drinking water, but not taking any vitamins or minerals. Though he is very weak, Ms. Neddaf reported that mentally he is still strong. Thaer was supposed to receive a visit from his family today, but the Israeli Prison Service (IPS) cancelled the visit yesterday.

The health of Mohammad Taj, now on his 54th day of hunger strike, is also at a dangerous level. In addition, Jaafar Azzedine, on his 50th day of hunger strike, reported that he had stopped drinking water for a short period but has started to drink again, with minerals and vitamins. Nidal Shehadeh, who began his hunger strike on 17 April as part of the mass hunger strike, was moved back from a public hospital to Ramleh prison two days prior. He is on hunger strike in protest of receiving inadequate medical treatment while in prison.

Ms. Neddaf noted that all the prisoners on hunger strike in Ramleh prison are in isolated rooms. She further reported that they continue to be threatened by the IPS. Even at this stage of hunger strike, they have been told that if they do not stand for the “daily count”, they will not be permitted lawyer visits.

Addameer fears for the lives of Thaer, Bilal Diab, also on his 73rd day of hunger strike, Hassan Safadi, who is now on his 67th day of hunger strike, Omar Abu Shalal, who is now on his 65th day of hunger strike, and all the other prisoners on hunger strike whose critical conditions are being blatantly disregarded by Israel and the prison authorities. Addameer reiterates its call for immediate action on behalf of the hunger strikers.

Laurence McKeown sends message of support to the Palestinian Hunger Strikers Bilal Diab en Thaer Halahleh

In 1981, Laurence McKeown took part in the Irish Hunger Strike that was led by Bobby Sands. Laurence endured 70 days without food before ending his fast.

Today, 2 Palestinian men, Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh, are on day 70 of their Hunger Strike in an Israeli prison. Plus, over 2,000 other Palestinians are about to enter their 4th week on Hunger Strike.

As Bilal and Thaer suffer in their protest, Laurence sends them a message of support and solidarity.

samedi 5 mai 2012

Remember the death of Bobby Sands 5 May 1981. Colm Scullion recalls..

Photo : Luk and Colm, Belfast

His friend and comrade Colm Scullion recalls :

Bobby Sands Remembered

May 4, 2012 · Print This Article
On this the 31st anniversary of the death on hunger strike of Bobby Sands, his friend and comrade, former IRA prisoner Colm Scullion from South Derry, recalls first meeting Bobby while on remand in Crumlin Road Jail. Colm had been injured in a premature explosion at the time of his arrest in October 1976 along with his fellow comrade Tom McElwee, the ninth republican to die on the hunger strike, on 8th August 1981. Colm was later sentenced, and in the H-Blocks met up with Bobby again and there in H-3, during some of the darkest days of the protest, they shared a cell. Here, the quiet South Derry republican speaks about Bobby Sands’ humour, his humanity and his concern for especially the younger prisoners as the blanket men entered their fifth year of beatings on the protest for political status.

mercredi 2 mai 2012

Pour les prisonniers palestiniens Bourse Bruxelles vendredi 4 mai 17 heures. Voor de Palestijnse gevangenen Beurs Brussel vrijdag 4 mei 17 uur.

Ce vendredi 4 mai de 17 à 18h à la Bourse
Rassemblement spécial en soutien aux prisonniers palestiniens dans les prisons israéliennes
2000 prisonniers politiques palestiniens dans les prisons israéliennes mènent une grève de la faim jusqu'au finish.  Plusieursgrévistes ont déjà dépassé les 60 jours!
Les prisonniers politiques palestiniens exigent la fin de la détention administrative, la politique de l’arbitraire, de l'isolement, le droit de recevoir des visites, un traitement digne.
Les autorités israéliennes réagissent par la terreur: déplacement et séparation des grévistes, fin des visites, confiscation des effets personnels, traitements humiliants, etc.
Nous exigeons :
  •  -  Le respect des conventions internationales dans les prisons!
  •  - La libération de tous les les détenus emprisonnés sans jugement!
  •  -  La libération de tous les enfants détenus ! 
  •  -  Une commission d'observation internationale des droits humains
  •  - Une protestation de l’Etat Belge auprès des autorités israéliennes et les instances internationales.
  •  - Une politique de boycott, de désinvestissement et de sanction pour le non respect des conventions internationales.

Appel lancé par: COCAB, PTB - PVDA ,  Intal, Mouvement Citoyen Palestine , Egalité,  Association Belgo-Palestinienne, Communauté Palestinienne en Belgique et au Luxembourg,...

Nu vrijdag 4 mei van 17 tot 18u aan de Beurs
Speciale samenkomst ter steun aan de Palestijnse gevangenen in de Israëlische gevangenissen
2000 Palestijnse politieke gevangenen voeren een hongerstaking tot de finish. Meerdere hongerstakers al meer dan 60 dagen !
De Palestijnse politieke gevangenen eisen de stopzetting van de administratieve detentie, en van de politiek van willekeur en isolement, het recht op bezoek, een waardige behandeling.
De Israëlische autoriteiten reageren met terreur: verplaatsing en scheiding van de stakers, in beslagname van hun persoonlijke bezittingen, vernederende behandeling, enz.
Wij eisen :
-  Het respect van de internationale overeenkomsten in de gevangenissen!   
-  De vrijlating van de gevangenen zonder veroordeling!  
-  De vrijlating van alle kinderen!  
-  Een internationale onderzoekscommissie van de mensenrechten  
-  Een protest van de Belgische staat bij de Israëlische autoriteiten en de internationale instanties 
-  Een politiek van boycott, desinvestering en sanctie wegens niet respecteren van de internationale overeenkomsten 

Oproep van: COCAB, PTB - PVDA ,  Intal, Mouvement Citoyen Palestine , Egalité,  Association Belgo-Palestinienne, Communauté Palestinienne en Belgique et au Luxembourg,...

Jean-Marc Mahy : Clip à voir !

Rezolution - Qui connait mon sort , clip à voir absolument, avec Jean-Marc Mahy dans le role principal.