mardi 14 avril 2015

STUK Leuven maandag 20/04 : Olivier Milhaud "Prison : whose space is this ?" In debat met Lieven De Cauter en Luk Vervaet

Join us of next weeks FS Debate
Monday 20/4 20h at STUK Verbeeckzaal, with

* Olivier Milhaud, maitre des conférences at Université Paris-Sorbonne, author of many articles on the geography of prisons, imprisonment, and surveillence.

* Lieven De Cauter is art historian, philosopher and activist. he teaches at KU Leuven, LUCA and RITS. He is the author of books such as "Capsular civilisation. The city in the age of fear" and "Art and activism in the age of globalisation".

* Luk Vervaet is a former prison teacher. He is spokesperson for the organisation "Prisoner's Family and Friends Association". 

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