dimanche 13 avril 2014

"1981" : a play about the heroic hungerstrikes of Bobby Sands and his comrades

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During our organising of political delegations to the North of Ireland over the last 3 years, a group of us had the great privilege of seeing a truly incredible, deeply moving and powerful Play about the
Heroic Hunger Strikes of 1981, written & performed by Tony Devlin of Brassneck Theatre Company, based in West Belfast.

Upon seeing the Play, we decided we HAD to bring it to england. That people here needed to see it. That there is still much we have to learn about the heroic Irish Struggle against english imperialism, and that this Play is an important part of that education process.

So! We are deeply fortunate and very happy to announce that Tony & the Brassneck Crew will be bringing over '1981' to London this May!!! We are also very fortunate indeed to have Brendan 'Bik' McFarlane coming over with Tony & the crew!!

Bik is a Republican Legend. He is an ex-POW who was the Officer Commanding in the H-Blocks during the Hunger Strikes. Bik has very kindly agreed to come over and do a Q&A with us to share about his experience of the H-Blocks & the Hunger Strike. He is also a phenomenal Folk Singer, and will be performing a session afterwards!!

So, get your tickets asap before they sell out, and come and join us in London for what will surely be an incredible, very moving, deeply educational and fantastic night!!! :)

About the Play:


'The 1981 Irish hungerstrike, in which ten men gave their lives in the struggle for political status, irreversibly shaped political developments for decades to come. In this unique piece of theatre, we are given a deep insight into the lives of each of the ten men as to who they really were.

Through music, song, visuals and performance, this one-person show takes us on an extraordinary journey of how ten very ordinary men, shook the world from their prison cells.

An ultimately uplifting piece of theatre through tragedy of Shakespearean proportions, 1981 is the story behind the legacy of the Irish hungerstrike. The equality that we all enjoy today… the laughter of our children.'

Written and Performed by Tony Devlin.

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