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NEW ESC project : Prospero's Prison / call for Freelancers

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Prospero's Prison

Revenge or Reconciliation?

Prospero’s Prison will be a modern adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. It is a tale of misplaced trust feeding ambition that leads to a brother’s betrayal.

Prospero, a successful criminal, is set up, framed and imprisoned by his scheming ambitious brother Antonio and his crew.

The Island becomes a prison in post-conflict Northern Ireland. In this world, the daily battle for survival rages between the savage and the civilized for supremacy.

After twelve years in jail, a wiser and more powerful Prospero has a dilemma – how to repay his brother’s betrayal? Revenge is sweet, but the seed of reconciliation is growing.

We plan to use a cross-community group of ex-prisoners as cast and locate the film in Belfast Prison (Crumlin Road Gaol), a panopticon that is becoming a cultural museum.

Prospero’s Prison is timely in the context of Northern Ireland’s peace process. For so long in the history of Northern Ireland, revenge has been the reply to violence, perpetuating the cycle of destruction. For this reason, The Tempest is a story worth re-telling for the lessons it can teach us about the wisdom of experience leading to forgiveness and reconciliation.

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Due to an increase in work ESC are currently recruiting for upcoming projects and are looking for experienced creative people to go on a Register of Interested Freelancers for the following roles:


ºEditor (Final Cut Pro)
ºProject Manager
ºProducer (film)
ºDrama facilitator
ºFilm director
ºYouth facilitator

ESC is an award-winning arts education charity working in drama and film. We work alongside people who are marginalized for many reasons:
ºYouth at risk
ºRefugees/Asylum Seekers
ºSubstance misusers
ºPeople with mental health issues
ºHomeless youth

If you are interested in cutting edge film and drama work and can sign up to our values of honesty, integrity, respect and trust please get in touch.
Self-employed freelancers with UTR numbers essential.

Own transport preferred.
Please email CVs, a list of referees and showreels (where relevant) to

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