samedi 14 janvier 2012

Punishment : a failed social experiment

PROFESSOR JOE SIM, Criminologist – Liverpool John Moores University
DR. BOB JOHNSON, Prison Psychiatrist – Special Unit in HMP Parkhurst
JOE BLACK, Prison Campaigner – Campaign Against Prison Slavery
DR. DAVID SCOTT, Criminologist – University of Central Lancashire
Punishment: A Failed Social Experiment provides a detailed, critical
analysis of the current legal and justice system generally in operation across the planet whilst also providing potential solutions which work on preventing crime and creating a much more socially sustainable society.
The documentary film consists of interviews with various individuals; all of whom provide information on where we are going wrong when we treat offenders, and what we could head towards in regards to the solutions available.
It must be recognised that in order for change to occur in the system of punishment and 'justice', wider societal and cultural issues need to be addressed, as this documentary film recognises that there are inherent flaws in our current social system.
Although most sources of information originate from the United Kingdom, it is reasonable to state that the topics examined will apply to many other nations.
Punishment: A Failed Social Experiment is an independent film production and that has just been released online for free download and distribution.

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