dimanche 22 mai 2011

30 th anniversary of the Irish hungerstrikes

Screening of H3 with Séanna Walsh

On the 30th anniversary of the Irish hungers strikes, former political prisoner and current Sinn Féin organiser Séanna Walsh leads the discussion following Laurence McKeown’s award-winning film. Chaired by Professor Phil Scraton.

H3 is an outstanding award-winning film made in 2001, written by former hunger striker Laurence McKeown and ex-prisoner Brian Campbell and filmed in the H Blocks, in the North of Ireland. An uncompromising film, made almost a decade before Hunger, it traces the context, circumstances and consequences of the policy of criminalisation of political prisoners, the refusal of the Thatcher Government to negotiate and the 1981 Hunger Strikes, resulting in the death of Bobby Sands and nine other Republican volunteers.
It will be followed by a Q&A on the legacy of the conflict and the 30th Anniversary of the hunger strikes in the North with Séanna Walsh.

Séanna is Chair of the Republican ex-prisoners group Tar Anall, Sinn Féin organiser in West Belfast and head of its Irish language department. He served 21 years in prison including the Cages, Long Kesh, with political status, in the H-Blocks on the blanket without political status and was vice OC to Bobby Sands, a close friend and confidante. Released as a result of the 1998 Good Friday Agreement he has been at the forefront of delivering for Republicans an alternative to armed struggle and a clear road map to end British Government interference in Irish affairs. The session will be chaired by Professor Phil Scraton, Queen’s University, Belfast.

Date: Thursday, 26 May 2011
6.30pm - 9.30pm
Tickets:£5/£3 (concessions)
Tickets available: Tickets and Information at the Bluecoat (0151 702 5324) or Click here
Venue: Sandon Room, The Bluecoat, School Lane, Liverpool L1 3BX
Contact Tel: 0151 703 0020
Contact Email Address: info@writingonthewall.org.uk
Organiser: Writing on the Wall Festival
Web: www.writingonthewall.org.uk

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