mercredi 21 septembre 2011

Derry 30 September : Mickey B : Can prisoners become positive educational role models for youth at risk ?



ICAN presents the launch of Unlocking Shakespeare: a set of educational keys and a special screening Mickey B by The Educational Shakespeare Company at The Playhouse Theatre, Derry-Londonderry

Mickey B is an award-winning feature-length film based on Shakespeare's Macbeth and set in the fictional Burnam Prison. It tells the story of one prisoner's quest for power through betrayal, violence and murder and the insanity and death that results.

Mickey B was the winner of the 2008 Roger Graef Award for Outstanding Achievement in Film at the national Arthur Koestler awards for Arts in Prisons.
There will be an educational schools screening and launch of Unlocking Shakespeare: a Set of Educational Keys with the film Mickey B’s director Tom Magill, and leading actor, Sam McClean at 1.00pm on Friday September 30th

That evening at 8pm The Playhouse will host an exciting screening of Mickey B with a panel discussion on the topical theme: “Can Prisoners Become Educational Role Models for Youth at Risk”.
The development of the education pack was generously funded by the Arts Council of NI. Gavin O’Connor, ACNI’s Youth Development Officer, said “we are delighted to see the launch of the project, ESC has a great track record of actively engaging with young people and creating dynamic and high quality art work, building confidence in the process; a very valuable resource. We commend them on this project.”

Sandara Kelso-Robb, Executive Director of Lloyds TSB Foundation NI added, "The Foundation is proud to have invested in ESC via our innovative Creating Change Programme. We have watched ESC's work grow and develop into a highly credible International resource and have always been impressed with their passion and professionalism."

Further praise for the production
It was chilling….fantastic work. It makes you think again about Shakespeare. - Stephen Rea
An important work that speaks eloquently. - Kenneth Branagh

Further information about this event can be found at:

Notes for Editors:
For further information and to arrange interviews with Director Tom Magill and actor Sam McClean, please contact ESC at 109-113 Royal Avenue, Belfast, BT1 1FF, 02890-243338 or A selection of photographs are also available on request.

Mickey B was funded through Lloyds TSB Foundation, the NI Prison Service, the Prison Arts Foundation and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.
ESC is grateful to Lloyds TSB Foundation and the Arts Council of NI for their support in further developing the Mickey B education pack.

Arts Extra

18:30 Monday, 19th September

the interview starts 20 minutes in, just after Stephen Rea!

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